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We don’t do data
for data’s sake.

We look at numbers differently, & use our analytical resources to make badass business decisions.

Because we’re living in the age of data & social intelligence, we believe this intelligence should be harvested to inject lives with meaning & add value to businesses.


Sure, we dig deep into the intelligence to make Nomadical better. But for us, being better means building communities and enriching the lives of our users.


It means empowering initiatives

that influence actual


It means looking at

social data & analysing

human behaviour

before implementing a

new strategy.

Looking at the data with

empathy and careful

consideration, because that’s

where we find the

nuances of social dynamics.


Some might say it’s radical,

We prefer NOMADICAL.


So we are (we where 🤔) a start-up.

We raised our first round funding in 2018 to launch an experiential travel platform.

Wow a lot has changed…

Between our stakeholders and investors it’s safe to say we have taken a few ideas to market - some have been successful, some, not so much. 


The travel industry is a murky one. It is a market that is very saturated and we needed to identify our purple elephant or differentiator early on.

But how? 

In a cosmic turn of fate, one of our stakeholders happens to run a software business.

You see the universe delivers (if you play nice with others).

In his collection of products, we stumbled upon a platform that tracks and aggregates social media data 😳😆


Being a peer to peer (P2P) platform, understanding our audience is, well… EVERYTHING.

What is our audience talking about, what are they sharing, who are they sharing with & why?


​Wander why are we going on about this?

Because we made mistakes along the way, and we have paid our proverbial school fees.

So we now we can say that we are pretty kickass with data & digital marketing.


But why is that important to you?
Our mistakes where expensive, just ask our funders - but we have weathered the storm and levelled up pretty quickly - in terms of finding and implementing strategies, we’ve got it waxed & now know what gives us the biggest bang for our buck; and we want to share our experience with you!

So you have a new brand or business idea?

You need a website (obvs), you need a go to market strategy, and did someone say omnichannel merchandising platform? 🤔



Just so happens that creating a holistic customers experience across all platforms (website, socials, apps, emailers, etc.) where you sell your product/ service and can reach your customers is exactly what we do - over and above creating the sickest travel content on the continent that is. 

Come to us with your idea, and we will turn it into business – consciously! 

Already got a business and need to take the “next step”? We’ve got you covered here too.

And again, we do it all consciously! 

PS. We aint going to stop here, we are currently working on a shared data platform (yip, you read that correctly), where all of our partners will benefit from our collection of data (imagine how much easier it will be to take your product to market with a bunch of market research AND an existing data base to market to – unheard of, we know; but stay tuned)



To stay relevant in today’s ever-evolving world, we need the very best tools available to differentiate our brand and offering, showcase our personalised experiences and promote a unique customer experience. 

THE NOMADICAL OMNI-CHANNEL PLATFORM allows our audience to connect, share and promote our experiences and demonstrate our uniqueness more efficiently. 



a. Website Design (Both graphical and functional)
b. Website Implementation
c. Social Channel Creation
d. Communication Systems & CRM
  - Email Service Providers
  - CRM Installation
  - Servers
  - E-Mailing capabilities
  - Intercom Integration & Installation



Implementation of protocols for acquisitions - what happens to a lead that comes in. This is done according to demographics, behaviour etc...
This is done across the board in terms of communication methods and fully synchronised between channels

Content Creation for communications in 2.a

Pre-defined reporting capabilities allowing us to track acquisitions & render an Effective Cost Per Acquisition  

Educational Communication & Calendar

Promotional Calendar



Retention protocols focusing on post registration of a user.

Content Creation for point a



Implementation of On Site Acquisition System as a fully on-    site support.
Acquisition & Retention tool.

Content creation for automated messaging for 4a.

Implementation of goals.



Creating a full strategy for GTM.

Building the financials around search volume, CPA, product pricing etc.. based on information extracted from client.

Sourcing the correct suppliers to carry out the marketing strategy (PPC, Social etc...)

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  • ​Emailer/Newsletter set up

  • 2 X Templates

  • Database verification (up to 500 emails)

  • Bi Monthly Send 

  • Basic Analytics

  • Set up fee $50



  • Website creation (4 pages)

  • Sender Authentication 

  • ​Emailer/Newsletter set up

  • 4 X Templates

  • Database verification (up to 1000 emails)

  • Weekly send (1X per week)

  • Basic Analytics

  • Set up fee $100



  • Website creation (8 pages)

  • 30min Conscious Consulting

  • Sender Authentication

  • ​Emailer/Newsletter set up

  • 4 X Templates

  • Database verification (up to 5000 emails)

  • Weekly send (1X per week)

  • Detailed Analytics

  • Set up fee $150



  • Campaign Management 

  • 2 Hrs Conscious Consulting

  • Website creation (8 pages)

  • Domain Authentication

  • ​Emailer/Newsletter set up

  • 6 X Templates

  • Database verification (up to 10000 emails)

  • Weekly send (2 X per week)

  • Detailed Analytics

  • Set up fee $250





Is the translation of social media data into consumer insights. As the tech matures, so does its role - brands are now using it to drive their strategies and dictate competitive advantage.


Brand perception is led community conversation, and the evolved consumer determines its sentiment. With only conventional analytical methods to rely on, measuring purchase intent can be a murky job. But by combining traditional processes with social media data, we can prove true attribution.


Mining data is just the beginning; using it to build - then scale - is the journey.

Using it for good is the goal.



Listen to and understand opinions expressed on social media, and how they change over time

Identify important categories of conversation beyond sentiment, including intent to purchase, product features, and image analysis

Empowers users to go beyond mere keywords & basic sentiment and get to more actionable insights




To use social analytics to strengthen every sector of your business, from public relations to customer support to product development

Gain an unprecedented understanding of your consumer, including their brand perceptions, product opinions, and support needs, and how they change over time

Get the tools to accurately measure your campaigns and develop the most effective online content



  • Low Level look into a topic or brand

  • Basic sentiment analysis

  • Basic conversation analysis

  • Geo locations 

  • Source breakdown 


I SPY...

  • Low Level look into a topic or brand

  • Advanced sentiment analysis

  • Advanced conversation analysis

  • Basic topic breakdown

  • Geo locations 

  • Source breakdown 

  • Basic Consciousness breakdown



  • High Level look into a topic or brand

  • Advanced sentiment analysis

  • Advanced conversation analysis

  • Advanced topic breakdown

  • Advanced post analysis

  • Geo locations 

  • Source breakdown 

  • Advanced Consciousness breakdown



  • Multi Level look into topics or brands

  • Advanced sentiment analysis

  • Advanced emotion analysis

  • Advanced conversation analysis

  • Advanced topic breakdown

  • Advanced post analysis

  • Geo locations 

  • Source breakdown 

  • Gender breakdown 

  • Multi Level Consciousness breakdown




We are a nomadic data and analytics platform focused on social intelligence, expedition & adventure travel and consumer consciousness.

We're using the world's most innovative tech to scale with integrity, and we're curating content to effect change.

We believe the grass on our side can always be greener, so we’re working on building better businesses.

Some might say it's radical.