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This is the Nomadical team in Tonquani Gorge - located in one of the oldest mountain ranges in South Africa, the Magalisberg Mountains. 

This is what fuels us, it's what we live for - being in beautiful places with people who like to adventure and see everything this amazing planet has to offer. 

Our founders, our expedition guru's, the people we employ and collaborate with are all passionately focused on conscious adventures and expeditions.


We know Africa and we love Africa. If your budget, ease of access, sense of security, or mum says you can’t do something, well - let’s chat. We’re rebellious like that, we can and will make it happen

We also develop content and produce videos. So if it's instagram props you after, well we're the crew to make that a reality. 



As we are a peer to peer platform we encourage social media posts during your trip and we are thrilled with your throwbacks!

One of our aims as Nomadical is to bring awareness & education to the causes/ inititives/ organisations that we support;  the good and the bad;


We ask that you contribute to our cause by not only posting about your trip but especially our initiatives to help us spread the word and love.

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