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Oh, and camels too.

  • 14 day guided expedition through Chad with Wayne Boardman 

  • City highlights, Ndjamena & Mongo

  • Exploration of the Ennedi Plateau

  • Visit smaller nomadic villages & towns throughout the journey

  • Zakouma National Park , big 5 experience like no other in Africa

Not only is Chad one of the most remote & beautiful deserts in the world, it remains almost untouched.

Though getting to Chad can be an adventure in itself, once you are there, the exploration & cultural experiences are astounding. 

Travel here is demanding in every sense of the word; this, though, is part of the country's allure, an opportunity to break emphatically away from all that you know, and go to a place that promises experiences, that happen nowhere else.

Come venture with us through dried riverbeds, as we journey to find remains of the oldest known hominid, while meeting nomads on their way to the pasture with their camels.


Our journey takes us deep into the Ennedi Mountains, famous for their sandstone rock formations & rock art sites that are hidden amongst overhanging rocks.  We visit the only permanent waterhole in the region, the famous Guelta d'Archei, situated amongst a towering gorge & often has hundreds of camels drinking; the noise of these bellowing creatures echos around the rock walls. This is also home to last populations of Saharan crocodiles; with a bit of luck, we will be able to see these very large prehistoric creatures.

From Ennedi we make our way to Zakouma National Park, which has become a safe haven for Central and West African wildlife including the Kordofan Giraffe and elephant.


Put simply, Chad is a country & an experience to never be forgotten.

The people of Chad are some of the most fascinating, charismatic, genuine, & mysterious on Earth. Their nomadic spirits, rich culture, & festivals are experiences that are unparalleled & offer a true once in a lifetime experience - unless of course, you want to go back!

FROM R60 000

The truth is, we should all give a sh*t. 

About the environment. About each other. About experiences that have integrity. 

It's a bold stance to take in any industry - to care about the impact of every air mile, to look at data intelligently and honestly, and to use our profits for purpose.



DO MORE. We support local initiatives in the regions we work in. Our end game is to make sure that we are developing responsible tourism practisesIt takes a (global) village to make real change, but just one person to help another. So drop the judgments and HUG IT OUT.