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We are a nomadic platform focused on AFRICA.
We stand for consciousness - We stand for conservation, community, collaboration and kindness.

We focus on virtual & immersive experiences, digital & data services, social intelligence, expedition travel and consumer consciousness. In short we build out platform agnostic automated marketing systems that support multiple brands & websites, segmentation touch points, teams and audiences, we are content creators, explorers, shape shifters and are very much into data -  we are an African solutions company and are always looking to collaborate

Some say it's radical. We prefer NOMADICAL. 


We’re here to grow conscious consumption, and give back what we can. We believe the

grass on our side can always be greener, so we’re working on building better businesses. Want to COLLABORATE with us?

See us in action

We curate feel-good experiences that do good, too. We stand for self-care and world-care, for wild parties and wilderness. 

Join an Expedition. 

​Connecting with fellow nomads, meeting new ones along the way and exploring our brilliantly beautiful world with careful feet and honest eyes.